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Seo - Pagerank And Link Popularity Are Not The Same Thing.

A definition of both P It's important to note that Google PageRank is not the same thing as link popularity. Two concepts that are commonly confused when it comes to search engine optimization are page rank and link popularity. Page rank focuses only on the quantity and popularity of your links in the search engines. Link popularity however refers to the “quality” of your links. These are not interchangeable turns as Pagerank is actually a term that is part of the definition of Link Popul........ Read More

Rank High In Google With Seo Authority

The new word in Search Engine Optimization is "Authority." Google has been making a shift in their algorithm over the last two years. Now they are emphasizing websites with Authority. What this means is that a web site is given Authority from other web sites and from Google itself. There are 3 ways to get Authority. 1. Web 2.0 Everyone knows about the Web 2.0 explosion. Socially oriented networking web sites (My Space, Facebook, etc), You Tube for video, blogging and social bookmarking web........ Read More

Seo Or Page Rank – Which Is The More Important

Whether you believe in SEO or Page Rank and wonder which is more important, your thinking is irrelevant. You are wasting your time in wondering what is the correct answer to that question, since even if you knew it there is little you could do to use that information. Why do I say that? Because SEO, or search engine optimization, is a way of designing your website, and placing content in it, to satisfy search engine algorithms. Search engines are so sophisticated today that if you achieve ........ Read More

Seo - The Development Of Page Ranking Algorithms

Google, which is the gold standard for all page-ranking systems (including PageRank as it is called by the industry) was started by two Stanford University Students – Sergey Brin and Larry Page (no pun intended.) These two students (now billionaires) invented the Google algorithm now known as PageRank. All PageRank is really is a formula, not unlike the FICO score that is used to calculate credit. Only in this case the formula takes in a lot of variabilities to see if a page is worthy of be........ Read More

Seo - How To Make Google Trustrank Trust You

A discussion of Google Trust Rank and a look at the things you can do to earn creditability in the eyes of Google TrustRank. The Google TrustRank is just one big algorithm that relies on a number of secret factors when it comes to elevating your pages in the search engines. However most Internet gurus will tell you that there are certain things that you can do to greatly increase your chances of being put in a more honorable spot by the famous search engine. First of all you might try regi........ Read More

Seo - How To Get A Top Ranking In Google

It’s a dream come true for a webmasters site to appear at the top of Google’s search results, especially if the website is actually selling a product or service. In a competitive industry this would mean that the orders would start rolling in with such a force that the business would grow incredibly quickly. Is it all just a dream? NO! I’ve done it for hundreds of businesses and you can do it for yourself too. The first and foremost task when trying to get your site to the top of Goo........ Read More

Seo - How Trustrank Is Catching Seo Crooks

TrustRank is a link analysis technique that several search engines, including Google have been using for semi-automatically separating useful web pages from spam. This makes it a lot harder for black hat search engine techniques to succeed because the human element is involved when it comes to assessing web pages. TrustRank is particularly successful when it comes to weeding out web pages that are created clearly for commercial reasons with the absolute intention of misleading search engines and........ Read More

Sitemaps And Seo - Do Sitemaps Help Your Google Pagerank?

With the millions and millions of websites in existence today, how do you get yours noticed? The most common way is for it to be high up in the rankings of useful and relevant websites. Google is the most widely used search engine today. When someone keys in a search term on Google, you can only hope that your website comes up in the first ten pages of results. You do not have to sit there and just hope, though. There are a number of things you could do to improve your chances of being noticed. ........ Read More

Seo - How Bad Links Can Risk Your Rankings

Having too many bad links on your site can not only lower your site’s importance in the page rankings of search engines it can also encourage some search engines like Lycos, Yahoo and Google to permanently remove your site from their search engine ranking pages. Normally the more links you have on your web page, the more Google and other search engines will love you and try to boost your search engine rankings. Part of most search engine algorithms has been to raise the ranking of a site th........ Read More

Seo - Is A High Page Ranking Overrated?

A discussion of page ranking, it’s relationship to search engine optimization practices and whether or not it is overrated when it comes to making sales with a website. One of the raging debates about search engine optimization in general is about whether or not you need a high page ranking or not. People will spend thousands just to get a high page ranking on Google, but in the end – does a high page ranking actually translate into high sales? Many expert SEO gurus say no because sometim........ Read More

Reciprocal Links - Good For Seo And Google Ranking?

ne of the important factors in ranking well on search engines such as Google is ensuring that you have a number of links pointing from other websites to your website. Website links can be a confusing thing, there are many terms used to describe them including one way links, reciprocal links, backlinks, inbound links but to explain what I’m talking about here - lets say you own ACME Shoe Sales, and you are on another website say aussie fotwear and you see a link that says “Visit ACME Shoe Sal........ Read More

Use Seo Techniques To Improve Your Websites Rankings

In order to achieve the benefits of search engine optimization, an effective SEO strategy is necessary. One of the biggest SEO strategies is link popularity, keyword research and website marketing. Doing the proper research and finding the correct keyword combination will bring you're the proper rankings in the search engines and a traffic that is targeted to your site, and the added benefit is that it is free traffic. As you heard many time before content is king, your content should be stru........ Read More

Can Seo Services Really Promise A First Page Ranking?

It’s a valid question. Can SEO Services Really Promise a First Page Ranking? Are you one of those who pay lip service to SEO because it is ‘the thing to do’ and then complain when Google or Yahoo fail to list any of your webpages in their indices? Do you actually understand what a search engine is and how it works? Do you know what a search term or a keyword is, or how the search engines use them to index your web pages? If not, don’t feel alone. You are one of the 99% who have........ Read More


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