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Leafshield™ Gutter Guard is your trusted supplier/installer of Australia’s best quality gutter guards for stopping leaves and tree matter from messing up your roof drainage.

We love our gutter guards and are passionate about them because leaves and other tree debris that fall into your gutter can clog gutters fast; we want to stop this happening. Neglecting your gutters will cost you thousands of dollars in damage repair; trust Leafshield™. Avoid the consequences above by installing our gutter guard. Leafshield™ gutter mesh will always be carefully tailored to fit perfectly with your roof shape. This ensures the optimal slope so that leaves slide right off, creating the perfect screen for your gutters!

We have a choice of steel, polymesh or aluminium gutter guards. All products are sourced from the best quality suppliers and wherever possible are Australian Made. Call 1300 LEAFSHIELD (1300532374)

Address: 103/16 Cotham Rd KEW VIC 3101

Opening Hours:  9am – 5pm   Monday – Saturday