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WA Leafscreener

We welcome you to WALeafscreener, suppliers and installers of premium gutter guards and gutter protection. Our LEAFSCREENER® products are available Australia wide, including throughout Western Australia. Call our national phone line 1300 LEAFSCREEN (1300532372). We’re ready to take your call and our range of selected products are deliverable to your doorstep.

We have a wide choice of premium gutter guards either made of metal or plastic. Gutter protection mesh can be used for gutters, valleys, downpipes, rainheads and even water tank entry-points. Ask about our bird proofing options! Our gutter mesh sheets are purchased in a big array of colours, with neat matching parts and fixing screws. The choices include polymesh, aluminium and steel, with a 10 year guarantee. Also available is the easier to install LEAFSCREENER Curled In™ with a 7 year guarantee.

Beware of fakes, the real LEAFSCREENER® will bear the registered trademark symbol. Call 1300 LEAFSCREEN now! 1300532372